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Small Business Saturday 2023 - Spotlight on RDT Builders.

Now in its Eleventh year in the UK, Small Business Saturday has grown significantly year on year.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, and with the pressures of the cost-of-living crisis, businesses nationwide are grappling with economic challenges, emphasising the critical need the support of their community now more than ever.

As Small Business Saturday approaches, we want to celebrate some of the business in our local area.

RDT Builders

Launched in summer RDT provide residential building/construction services, offering an end-to-end experience with emphasis on high quality and clear communication. Covering everything from groundworks, foundations and structural alterations to full interior fitout.

We spoke to owner of RDT Builders, Richard Talbot:

What motivated you to start your business?

After years of working in the commercial sector, I decided to pursue my passion for working with clients on residential projects. As a customer-focussed builder I wanted to bring a different approach to the trade by providing transparency in project costs and clear communication with clients. This inspired the business tagline: Building trust through quality workmanship.

What is your businesses greatest strength?

Thanks to our diverse experience and expertise, we provide foresight in our solutions to ensure achievement of the best results that meet customer needs. For example, ensuring pipework and steel beams are completely hidden without the use of cumbersome box work to provide a clean and crisp finish to projects every time. The devil is in the detail; we are perfectionists.

To contact Richard visit:


Find out how you can help support a small business this Saturday (You don’t have to need building works to support!)

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