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How To Support Small Businesses

How can I support small businesses on Small Business Saturday?

At the heart of Small Business Saturday lies the mission to encourage shoppers to buy from local small business that contribute to the distinctiveness of our communities, enabling them to prosper and flourish.

The day is a great reminder to skip over the big online retailers and large companies in favour of local shops, restaurants, and service providers in your community.

Anyone can contribute to the support of small businesses in their community. Consider these approaches to prioritise shopping at local businesses and support service providers during this holiday season (and beyond!)

How To Support Local:

  • Commit to shopping for at least one Christmas present from a small business on Small Business Saturday (2nd December).

  • Take a picture of your purchase and tag the small business in a post (make it sharable)

  • ‘Like’ & ‘Follow’ a small business on your socials.

  • Share a small business post – help to build awareness of the business and remind people of what they can offer.

  • Write a review on Google or Socials. Reviews play a pivotal role for small businesses, portraying their brand as a reliable destination for purchases. Your feedback aids potential customers in making informed decisions about choosing their products or services. Your support through reviews is invaluable in building trust and credibility for these businesses.

How to support small business

Reasons to shop local and support Small Business Saturday:

Support your local economy

A study conducted by Visa, revealed that when £10 is spent at a local business, over a third (£3.80) remains within the area. The research also indicates that while Brits currently allocate just over a fifth of their expenditure to local businesses, there is a willingness to increase this to half of their spending.

Personal Service

Ever been caught in a frustrating loop with a chatbot while trying to reach online customer service? While many large businesses offer reliable customer service, the personal touch of a local business owner is unmatched. The connections established between local businesses and customers go beyond mere transactions. The relationships forged between local businesses and customers extend beyond transactions, friendly advice or a real human to speak to if something goes wrong are invaluable benefits of the personal service a local business can provide.

Benefit the environment

Helping to improve carbon footprints. Shopping locally reduces packaging, travelling times and field-to-fork journeys.

Create a community you want to live in

Local businesses play a pivotal role in shaping the identity of an area. A vibrant high street adorned with unique and colourful shops, cafes, restaurants and services not only draws increased tourism but also contributes to making the community a more desirable and economically robust place to live and work.

Nurture choice and originality.

In an age where chain stores and large online retailers are dominant, independent businesses provide originality and diversity. They serve as a refreshing departure from corporate highstreets offering the same products and services in every town. Small businesses provide unique products or highly skilled services.

shop small, shop local

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