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Running a small business can sometimes feel like you are being pulled in all directions at once.  Two of the biggest challenges small businesses face are time and resources.

When you are not quite ready to hire a full time financial director outsourcing can be the most cost effective solution.  The right accountant for your small business can help free up your time and let you focus on what you do best – running your business. At Styles & Associates we offer all the financial services you need to grow your small business.  We can help make life easier.

Small Business


Accountants for Small Business

Accountants for Small Businesses

We work with many local SME’s providing accountancy services designed to save you time and offer value. Styles and Associates provide a range of additional accounting services for small business which you can add or remove as and when you need – we will build a package around you to suit your small business accountancy needs.  Our services include: Bookkeeping, Statutory Accounts, Management Accounts, Payroll, Self Assessment, and VAT returns.

Unlike large corporations, small businesses can adapt quickly to change, but if you are bogged down by accounting and finances it can be easy to lose focus. When you outsource to a small business accountant your time is spent in the most cost effective way - growing your business.  

Cash Flow for Small Business

To run a successful small business cash really is king, small businesses need to retain as much of their earnings as possible. Getting the right tax advice ensures you retain your business profits in line with HMRC rules.

Speak to a specialist small business accountant today

We are experts in assisting small businesses with their accounts and tax needs. Our team take pride in setting exceptional standards. At Styles & Associates we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Our small business accounting services are used by small businesses across Hampshire including air conditioning providers, security, computer software, hotel chains, engineering, retail, flooring, and hairdressing.

Simple, straight forward fees

As a small business accountant we understand that every small business needs to know their overheads – at Styles & Associates we like to keep it simple and create straightforward fixed pricing packages for our clients depending on your needs.

Personal Service

At Styles & Associates we will ensure we get to know you and your goals and use our passion and knowledge to make them a reality. We specialise in accounting for small business owners and endeavour to provide a fantastic working relationship with our clients. If you are looking for a small business accounting company in Hampshire get in touch today.

Small Business Accountant

Save your small business time & money

For many small business owners resources are limited, including time and budget.  But have you ever calculated the value of your time? Whilst you may be an expert in your particular field of business, when you're trying to complete certain tasks that aren’t your everyday it may take longer than a professional - and as a result may end up costing you more.

When you outsource an accountant to look after time consuming tasks like bookkeeping and tax returns it is likely to cost less and frees you up to focus on generating new clients. 


Meet Your Accountants

David Yeates - Partner & Senior Accountant

Partner/Senior Accountant

David Yeates


Fantasy dinner guest: Ant Middleton

Hidden Talent: Can do a backflip

I'm a secret: Wizard

Favourite cake: Chocolate Fudge Cake

Desert island essential: A Bed

Michaela Green Partner & Senior Accountant

Partner/Senior Accountant

Michaela Green


Claim to fame:

Performed majorettes on the Big Breakfast Show.

Desert island essential: My loved ones

Fantasy dinner guest: David Beckham

Nick Platt - Partner


Nick Platt


Celebrity lookalike: Pep Guardiola 

Fantasy dinner guest: Dave Grohl

Desert island essential: Guitar

Claim to fame: Back in the late nineties my band  supported Mud

At Styles & Associates we have an approachable, enthusiastic and energetic team who take pride in setting exceptional standards. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and focus on saving you time and money. But we're not just accountants, our team have hidden talents and interesting hobbies....

Don’t take our word for it though, just take at what our clients say!

Free Consultation Small Business Accountant

Free consultation for Small Businesses.

When you contact us, we will provide you with a free small business accountancy consultation. At our Hampshire offices our experienced  team will inform you of what we can do to help your small business grow. 


We would be delighted to offer a free consultation over the phone, to give you an idea on costs - there are no hidden fees.  We offer fixed fees services bespoke to your business. Book in for a consultation today.

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