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Guildford is a hub for business and commerce – at Styles & Associates we welcome enquiries from Guildford based freelancers, consultants, contractors and businesses of all sizes.  

Accountant For The Self Employed

Many dream of being their own boss - being self employed can bring you financial rewards and a new level of work satisfaction that cannot be obtained when you work for someone else.   You can make all the decisions, set the hours you work and what work you are prepared to undertake.

‘I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul’

Invictus, William Ernest Henley

Whilst being self employed can give you a great deal of freedom and choice, it also reduces your security.   Paid holiday, paid sick leave, maternity/paternity leave and a pension are now your responsibility, along with tax obligations.

As an employee your employer would have paid your tax through PAYE -  as a self employed person you become responsible for paying the correct tax and will need to complete a self-assessment tax return. 


When you work for yourself you have many hats to wear: marketing, sales, production, customer service, HR – the list is long. Handling your own bookkeeping and accounts can be time consuming and challenging, for most self employed people appointing an accountant is usually the most cost effective solution.

Tax returns for the self employed.

Getting your tax return wrong can be stressful and costly, there are regulations and compliance rules to follow set out by HMRC for the self employed – you can be fined for late submissions, and for underestimating your tax liability. Appointing a professional accountant will ensure your tax returns are completed accurately and submitted on time.    At Styles & Associates Accountancy we specialise in helping the self employed – we ensure that you receive the tax benefits that you are entitled to in order to maximise your profit.

Accurate & up to date accounts for the self employed.

Our experienced accountancy team will ensure you never miss a deadline and keep your accounts up to date and accurate.  We provide bookkeeping and a full range of accountancy services.  You choose which services you require.

Fixed fee accountancy for the self employed.

One of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses is cash flow – at Styles & Associates we offer bespoke packages so that you only pay for the services you require on a fixed monthly fee. You won’t get charged for calls or emails to your accountant – we will only charge you what we have agreed in advance. 

Tax advice for the self employed.

Whether you are an self employed architect, graphic designer, photographer, builder, plumber or dog walker – Styles & Associates Accountancy can offer straight forward advice and recommendations to help your business become tax efficient.


Our experienced accountants will help you identify business expenses vs. personal expenses, whether to register as a Sole Trader or Limited Company, what is tax deductible and how to be tax efficient whether you are working from home or renting a small premises.

Mortgage applications for the self employed.

When you are self employed it can sometimes be challenging to secure a mortgage - particularly in affluent areas like Guildford and the GU postcode areas.  You must ensure your self-assessment tax forms are up to date and be able to prove you have had a steady income for 2 years.  An experienced accountant will be able to provide the financial records required to apply for a mortgage which will aide your application.

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