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Tax return deadline 31 January 2022

The deadline for filing your tax return online is by 31 January 2022 (or 3 months after the date on your notice to complete a tax return if that’s later.)

What you will need:

  • P60

  • 'End of Year Certificate'

  • P11D

  • 'Expenses or benefits’ or P45

  • Details of employee leaving work

  • payslips or your P2

  • PAYE Coding Notice

If you work for yourself:

  • your profit or loss account or your business records

  • your bank statements

  • building society passbooks

  • dividend counterfoils or investment brokers’ schedules

  • personal pension contributions certificates

Running a business can be challenging and time consuming. At Styles & Associates Accountancy our team can provide you with a fixed fee quote for filing your tax return to help you claim your tax refund or budget for your tax bill. We provide a free consultation in person or over the telephone to discuss your requirements. Get in touch on 01420 541 554

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