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Congratulations to Brittany!

This summer Brittany took her Strategic Business Reporting (SBR). ACCA qualifications provide the most up-to-date skills required to be a finance professional.

This latest exam means that Brittany is qualified to:

  • apply fundamental ethical and professional principles to ethical dilemmas and discuss the consequences of unethical behaviour

  • evaluate the appropriateness of the financial reporting framework and critically discuss changes in accounting regulation

  • apply professional judgment in the reporting of the financial performance of a range of entities

  • prepare the financial statements of groups of entities

  • interpret and advise on the meaning of financial statements that include non-financial data including segmental, sustainability and integrated reports for different stakeholders

  • communicate the impact of changes in accounting regulation on financial reporting.

At Styles & Associates our team are encouraged to keep up to date and add to their skills. To date Brittany has completed the following ACCA exams:

  • Corporate & Business Law

  • Performance Management

  • Taxation

  • Financial Reporting

  • Audit & Assurance

  • Financial Management

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